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Okay, so, I’ve decided to dedicate this weekend to writing up that thing I said I’d write about how student finance in this country (that is to say, England) actually works. I'm dusting off this site to post it, because later entries will probably need to use tables and the like, which tumblr won't support.

As the ‘Part 0’ up top indicates, this entire thing going to be in multiple parts since there is actually quite a lot to talk about. This post is just a sort of brief overview of the other posts.

As for the content of 'Student Finance Weekend' proper:

  • The first part is mainly intended to give some historical context for how the current student movement came into being, from someone who sort of followed the entire thing on the sidelines on twitter. If you’re only interested in questions like “How much money would a student owe?”, “How will it be paid back, exactly?” or “What’s this about scrapping student grants?” you won’t need to read this, but at the same time the stuff surrounding the tuition fees rise in 2010 is fairly useful in understanding how people might be responding to the scrapping of student grants. This is written, and will be posted later tonight after I finish proofreading it. tomorrow since I just realised today is, in fact, Thursday and it gives me more time to do the other two parts.

  • The second part explains the student finance system as it stands now, and includes some of my reflections on how it works. It may or may not also contain Controversial Opinions. Or Deliberation Over Controversial Opinions. To an extent this answers the first two questions above. I have yet to write this, but all being well it’ll be posted on Saturday.

  • The third and final part explains what everyone means when they say that the student grants have been scrapped, and explains my own thoughts on this matter. I’ll state upfront that I’m opposed to it, but probably less opposed than most people. This is also largely unwritten, and if I can find the prerequisite information in time it’ll be posted on Sunday.


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