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2015-10-31 08:08 pm
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Tumblr updated again

 Like, at least twice in one go.
Expect post. Singular. That is probably this one tbh.
I really need to find out which of my tumblr mutuals are on here. And also how to access wider fandom content since tumblr is actively making itself worse for that.
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2015-02-15 10:48 pm
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What should I use this for?

This isn't exactly my first time round the non-microblog roundabout, to possibly coin a new metaphor.

As such, I can tell you now that the odds of me keeping up to any sort of decent schedule are slim-to-nil. The odds of me randomly posting every day for a week, especially when it's late at night when I have 2 exams that I haven't revised for tomorrow, are considerably higher

Still, I have been thinking of writing a few longer posts on various things anyway, which isn't really what tumblr's designed for (I want them to have permanence, dammit!), so basically it's a case of "Would anyone be interested in that or not?"*.

If so, any topic suggestions? I might well end up needing them anyway. :-P

* Any expression of interest does not inherently make it likely that I'll actually pull it off. Like I said, it's not my first time round this particular roundabout.

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2015-02-15 12:06 am
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This is a test

Might as well start testing the waters for sites other than tumblr because yeah starting to hate it there

Plus, it might give me a chance to rejig my tagging system from there slightly. Which is great because damn that was becoming a mess.